Child Development Center


The mission of the Children’s Beach House is to help children with special needs to reach their highest potential as functioning members of their families and communities.

About the program:

THE CHILDREN'S BEACH HOUSE (CBH) is proud to announce the opening of the Margaret H. Rollins Child Development Center (CDC) with a mission to serve early childhood learners who are typically-developing, as well as those with speech and language delays, hearing impairments, and/or mild orthopedic challenges, utilizing a "team approach to mastery" (TAM) inclusion classroom setting. All areas of development will be explored, while creating a secure, welcoming environment where students will feel safe to take risks, explore and discover, and function peacefully as members of a diverse community of learners. This initiative will allow CBH to expand current programming by identifying and serving children at younger ages.

By engaging speech, occupational and physical therapists and utilizing each child's individual assessments, CDC's skilled team of educators will create an integrated approach to education in which children will master skills to prepare them for success in Kindergarten. Curricula will be designed in accordance with Delaware's Early Learning Foundations for Preschools. Other well-research curricula approved by the Delaware Stars Program include High Scope Early Childhood Curriculum, SRA Real Math Building Blocks, and McGraw Hill DLM Literacy Express. centers will be implemented throughout the day, incorporating games and peer-interactive activities to strengthen foundational skills in:

  • Math: shapes, patterns, numbers
  • Phonological (Early Literacy) Awareness: syllables, rhyming, onset-rime, phonics
  • Science: nature, ocean, animals, space
  • Dramatic Play: puppets, community helpers, role playing
  • Creative Arts: painting, textures, ceramics, music, cooking


In this prosocial environment, each child will learn at his or her own pace. The environment will enhance social skills, emotional development, and a sense of individuality.

Teachers will support families by encouraging the following:

  • Increase their understanding of the child's needs and the implications for education
  • Access and coordinate community and educational services available to families
  • Adequately plan for a successful transition to Kindergarten


In keeping with the philosophy of the CBH, the CDC will focus on the abilities and strengths of each individual child. Children will learn independence to build confidence and self-esteem.

The State of Delaware will license the center and its design will meet all requirements of a Level 5 Delaware STARS school. In addition, the CDC will strive to meet all standards set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the nation's most distinguished early childhood organization.