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Educere Institute

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The Delaware Center for Youth Development (DCYD) a program under the auspice of Children’s Beach House in Wilmington, Delaware has officially changed its name to the Educere Institute. The new moniker comes complete with a broadened philosophy related to service provision and a mission to address pressing issues that reflect the times.  
Created in 2006, the DCYD was established to work with local nonprofits, community leaders, schools, and businesses by providing professional development. With years of specialized expertise in areas ranging from effective communication, teamwork, power, accountability to conflict resolution. DCYD has traditionally served the leaders and staff of those organizations that work with underserved youth and their families in some of the region’s most challenged communities.   
The Educere Institute continues to provide education and training in all those subjects, but now includes many other abundantly relevant areas of professional development that address the current needs of educators, families and youth development professionals, business and community leaders and others who serve the public.    
Through the delivery of customized training, Educere boldly addresses the sensitive aspects of cultural competencies such as: diversity and inclusion, access and equity, privilege and implicit bias. Other areas of expertise embrace progressive notions like authentic transformational leadership, work-life integration, wellness and mindfulness—all of which are high-ranking interests within the business sector. 
The Educere Institute aims to give program and business leaders more than just timely lessons in political correctness. It will take on the complex task of providing real, in-depth excursions into awareness, education and substantive training designed to trigger systemic change in the workplace, classroom, or program setting.