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Be a Camp Counselor with CBH

Now Accepting Applications for

Weekend & Summer

Camp Counselors 2019-2020

Please fill out and submit the form below to apply.

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“What does a camp counselor do?” 

At Children’s Beach House, we provide our counselors with extensive training. Counselors are responsible for the overall wellbeing of campers, which includes:

  • dorm supervision
  • sitting with a table of campers at meals
  • planning, prepping, and leading activities
  • coaching behaviors
  • teaching life skills at every opportunity 


Counselors live on site, and take turns being “On Duty” (OD), sleeping in a room attached to the campers’ dorm to be available if needed throughout the night. We work hard to keep campers safe, happy, and growing, and enjoy those same benefits ourselves!

“That’s a great, broad overview, but what does a counselor DO?”

Every day is a little different, but a morning would involve waking the campers, helping to set and clear the tables, engaging in conversations over breakfast, and helping them get ready for the day.

During the summer, a counselor’s day might include lifeguarding at the pool, taking a group on the challenge course, assisting in an art class, and leading another activity like kayaking or performing arts.

In the evening, you might be asked to dress like a unicorn so campers can find you, you might be a coach in Capture the Flag, and you might be support for a camper who just wants to talk. Then you’ll enjoy some quiet time with a small group of campers—your “pod”—to reflect on the day, before assisting the campers as they get ready for bed. 

“How is being a counselor during the weekends different than the summer?”

Mostly it’s the time commitment! Summer counselors are expected to be on site for 9 weeks, beginning June 10th. They receive 2 weeks of staff training, which includes lifeguard certification and how to lead on the challenge course. Campers are on site Sunday-Friday each week, and so are the staff. Counselors receive a break each day and are free Friday evening to Sunday morning most weeks, but otherwise they are committed to camp all summer. Because we spend so much time on the water, we expect all of our summer staff to be able to be trained as lifeguards and be comfortable in the pool and the bay. 

Summer staff can come to us from anywhere, but we love when counselors live close enough to also work weekends. At present, we are not sponsoring visas for any international staff. 

Base pay for a first year counselor who works the full 9 weeks (including training) is $3450.

Weekends run 2 or 3 times a month from October to May. New staff receive a much briefer orientation than those who work summers, and there is more flexibility to the scheduling. A weekend counselor is on site from Friday to Sunday, with enough time to help set up and clean up. You have all of the same camper-based responsibilities described above, but weekends are much more compact. On weekends, we do more indoors (no swimming), with a slightly stronger focus on social and emotional learning. Staff do not have to commit to every weekend, but sign up in October and January for their desired dates. Some staff will work more frequently than others. 

Weekend staff earn $300 per weekend. 

"What else should I know before I apply?"

All counselors must be at least 18 and a year out of high school, able to pass a criminal background check, and meet all of the physical obligations of the job. No specific major or past experiences are required, but a demonstrated interest in working with children is preferred. Several staff must be at least 21, with a clean driving record. Staff must reside on site when working. No alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use is permitted at camp. Nor are your pets. 


"This sounds cool, but I've never done anything with kids before and/or I'm not sure I'm ready for this time commitment."

That's ok--we still have roles for part-time volunteers during the summer and some weekends. Volunteering is a great way to get a feel for the work and support the staff and campers without taking on the full counselor role. Individuals are assigned on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Camp Director. Volunteers work during the day and/or evenings. You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer with the camp program. 

"This sounds perfect for my child, how do I sign him or her up?"

If you think a young adult in your life would be interested in working or volunteering at camp, please encourage that person to contact our Camp Director, Sean Donovan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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