Children’s Beach House (CBH) is dedicated to helping children with special needs to reach their highest potential as functioning members of their families and communities. Volunteers are an integral part of the service team, they:

  • Help to provide a safe place to learn, grow, and have fun.
  • Foster ongoing relationships with youth and families.
  • Support the fundraising and administrative efforts within CBH.
  • Promote intentional experiences in the home, community and within the CBH facilities to help improve educational performance, build character, and encourage positive development.
  • Encourage and support community service activities with the children and their families.

To volunteer at Children’s Beach House, fill out the form below:

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How Does It Work?

There are several types of volunteers who donate their time and expertise to help CBH make a difference in children’s lives.

Program Volunteers: Individuals willing to donate their time to work directly with the children and families in the program. Program volunteers may also be asked to assist case managers.

Camp Volunteers work directly with individual or groups of children at our camp facility in Lewes. The program director will help match volunteer interest areas with areas of need at camp such as nature education, arts/crafts, music, literacy, and sports. They will be scheduled with camp counselors to help support and/or direct activities.

Event Volunteers: Individuals who are interested in supporting the fundraising events and activities at CBH. These volunteers will be trained and supported by the events committee and/or the CBH staff. Responsibilities include such things as assisting with mailings, decorating, clean up, bartending, hosting, and other duties.

Administrative Volunteers: Individuals who support our staff here in Lewes. Typically, these volunteers will do filing, assemble mailings, perform computer tasks, cover the phone lines, etc.

Facilities Volunteers: Individuals who enjoy working on projects, such as: painting, gardening, carpentry, and many other fix-it projects. Individuals in this category are also needed to help with laundry.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone who would like to dedicate his/her time to engaging Delaware’s youth.

All volunteers will participate in an agency orientation training including the mission statement and history of the Children’s Beach House, organizational rules, expectations of volunteers, policies/procedures on documentation and confidentiality. Program volunteers are also required to participate in additional training regarding children and families.

Program volunteers that work directly with the children will also need to complete a criminal background check (State Police & FBI), complete a physical history questionnaire (including the completion of a TB test) and have a safe driving record, if transporting children. This information is updated yearly, while the individual continues to volunteer at CBH.

Additional Volunteer Supports:

Board of Trustees: Individuals who have been selected to lead the CBH organization. They represent the ownership of our organization, just as a business board represents its stockholders. The board of trustees are not volunteers in the true sense in that their role is not to “help” but rather to “lead”. They are volunteers in the sense they are not compensated for their services. The board’s most critical role is to be concerned with the long-term viability of the organization and, as a group, attempts to stay out of the day-to-day operations. These issues are left to the staff and volunteers.

Trustee Volunteers: Individuals of the board of trustees who would like to volunteer their time to work in a “hands on” role or in a helping role. This is very different from their volunteer position on the board of trustees, where they are responsible to lead as described above. In this capacity, a trustee volunteer may serve as a program volunteer or as an event volunteer as described below. While acting in this capacity, these volunteers have “taken off” their board “hats” and immerse themselves in operations or day-to-day functions.

Advisers: Individual professionals such as medical, legal, art, education, etc. provide consulting services to CBH on an as needed basis.

Friends of the Beach House: Individuals who have been close to the organization in the past, perhaps as a trustee, a staff person or a volunteer, and are currently assisting by raising money for the annual appeal or supporting the special events.

For more information, please contact us today.

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