Outcomes for the Children

Children's Beach House (CBH) strives to support youth as they move through developmental stages by building a set of the following core assets (competencies) that will carry them successfully into adulthood.

  • Children and youth will feel safe and supported at CBH, home, and school.
  • Children and youth will increase self-confidence and have a positive self-identity through self knowledge and self-management.
  • Children and youth will become more resilient and have a positive outlook of the future.
  • Children and youth will become active participants in at least one peer group and develop the social skills necessary to develop friendships and to join and maintain group membership.
  • Children and youth will make decisions that take advantage of new opportunities and challenge their personal developmental skills while at the same time discussing the implications of these decisions for themselves and others.
  • Children and youth will discuss ways that people are the same as and different from each other and appropriate ways to interact with others who are both similar and different from them.
  • Children and youth will show improved academic achievement and school performance through better understanding of themselves as learners and by setting achievable personal goals.
  • Children and youth will improve wellness through their knowledge and application of physical/motor, health, nutrition, hygiene, and safety practices.

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