Colleague Partnership

Colleague Level - $20,000

  • Recognition statewide as a partner in all event literature, select print newsletters, select e-newsletters, and on the CBH website
  • Receipt of two press releases
  • Your logo on the CBH website along an active link to your website
  • Recognition as a partner at all CBH events via signage
  • Promote the mission of CBH within your organization by committing to one CBH service project, Day of Caring, including refreshments for participating employees
  • Receipt of plaque to display your organization’s commitment to CBH
  • Six tickets to the Annual Beach Barbecue
  • Six tickets to the Art Show Opening Reception
  • One twosome at the Golf Classic
  • Permission to include promotional materials in Miles for Children registration packets
  • Company logo to be included on Miles for Children t-shirts
  • Invitation to all CBH receptions

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