Summer & Weekend Camps

Children's Beach House (CBH) offers camp programs on the Delaware Bay at the Lewes facility. These camps provide a unique experience for children with special needs to explore and learn from our natural environment. The camp is a multi-modal opportunity to extend the goals of the Youth Development Program. Case managers inform the camp's programming team of individual and group needs, so that the most effective activities are chosen to enhance the participants' strengths and address their weaknesses.

Daily activities include swimming, sailing, kayaking, arts and crafts, drama, nature, adventures, sports, and campfires. The staff takes teachable moments to model perseverance, listening, teamwork, and appreciation of differences, while creating an environment for learning. The staff modifies activities, so each camper can participate and realize some level of success. They encourage the children to try new experiences, thereby developing self-confidence and cooperation. Progressive sets of activities build on campers' strengths and involve them in the decision-making processes of program planning and evaluation.

The weekend camps offer campers opportunities to remain connected to their fellow-campers, staff, and volunteers throughout the school year. Special family weekends offer opportunities for families to work as a unit or to share with other families. Family weekends often include parenting workshops or opportunities for parents to share effective strategies, resources, and even frustrations with each other. The weekend camps present a safe place in which children and their families may find support and build optimism.

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