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Board of Trustees

The Children's Beach House (CBH) board of trustees is comprised of a maximum of 35 volunteers, who have responsibility for striving to reach the following goals:

  • Protect our founder's mission and to ensure that it is effectively pursued
  • Identify community needs and set the parameters for the "target population," based on an understanding of current trends
  • Determine the medium- and long-term outcomes for the children and families we serve
  • Promote the advancement of the organization through the development of a strategic plan that enhances programmatic, human, financial, and facility resources
  • To limit the annual financial investment (i.e., the budget) of the organization
  • Concern themselves with their own development as trustees
  • Assess the performance of the executive director annually


Each member of CBH board of trustees annually discloses any conflicts of interest that may arise. Each board member is required to serve actively on at least one event or board committee, to participate in a majority of board meetings, to make a meaningful financial contribution to CBH each year, and to participate in the annual appeal or special event efforts.

The board of trustees actively addresses its own development through the Committee on Trustees, which coordinates board training opportunities at least twice each year: once at the annual board retreat in January, and once at another regular board meeting.

The following are included in the standing board committees:

  • The Audit and Finance Committee collaborates with management to propose an annual budget, reviews management's fiscal performance halfway through each year, reviews investment performance every six months, and receives the independent auditor's report annually on behalf of the board. 990 Public Disclosure Financial Statement with Auditors' Report
  • The Development Committee promotes the agency's fundraising efforts and supports management in developing relationships for foundation and corporate giving.
  • The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the board in all matters that may arise between regular board meetings. It also meets annually to assess the executive director's performance. The committee comprises board officers, committee chairs, and three additional appointees of the president.
  • The Committee on Trustees strategically nominates new trustees around the board's collective strengths and weaknesses. The committee is responsible to ensure that each new trustee is properly oriented and finds an effective role on the board. It is also tasked to develop a slate of officers every two years, to monitor the board's performance through board surveys, and to respond to the board's own assessment by planning appropriate development activities.
  • The Planning Committee connects to the community to understand the changing needs of children with developmental delays and their families. The committee also drives the development and execution of the strategic plan.
  • The Program Committee assesses the outcomes for each CBH program. It determines which indicators will be measured, how often they will be measured, and the manner in which measurement will occur.
  • The Property Committee supports management's task of developing and maintaining the CBH facilities to the highest possible standards.
  • The Public Relations and Marketing Committee works to promote general awareness of the CBH mission, programs, and events.




  • Mary M. Culley, Esq., President
  • Alexandra Ergon, CFA, Vice President
  • Timothy J. Suchanick, Treasurer
  • Constance Marshall Miller, Assistant Treasurer
  • Linda Marshall Fischer, Secretary



  • Michael J. Bell
  • Linda K. Berdine
  • Raymond F. Book, III, CPA
  • Martha A. Brooks, Ed. D.
  • Ellison M. Carey
  • Eileen S. Clark
  • Karen B. Falk
  • Alexis duPont Gahagan
  • Katherine duPont Gahagan
  • Barry Goodinson
  • Sarah I. Gore
  • Jean T. Hitchens
  • Michael J. Hogan
  • Ilona E. Holland, Ed. D.
  • Paula S. Janssen
  • D. Preston Lee, Jr.
  • Robert E. Perri, Jr.
  • Bernadette Polinski
  • Thomas F. Sheridan
  • Martha Poorman Tschantz
  • David A. White, Esq.