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Legacy for the Children

The members of the Legacy for the Children Society provide long term support for Children's Beach House (CBH) by contributing to one of the endowment funds.  Those who contribute $10,000 or more to an endowment fund, or who include CBH in their estate plan, are eligible for inclusion in the Legacy for the Children Society.  The Founder's Circle of the Society was created by those donors who made gifts or established estate plans by December 31, 2012. Today, members continue to join the society as they formalize their estate plans or decide to support an endowment.  

There are three endowments at CBH.  Donors may chose to direct their gift at any of the existing endowments or to establish a fund within an endowment to memorialize themselves or a loved one.  The three endowments include:

  • The Ms. Lydia Endowment Fund providing general operating support for the all of the programs of Children's Beach House
  • The MA RAN Endowment Fund being fostered to provide revenue to the Margaret H. Rollins Child Development Center to be established at CBH
  • The Building Endowment Fund being fostered to provide support for building-related capital expenses

The three endowment funds provide sustainability to both existing and planned programs as well as a vehicle to address significant capital expenses related to the CBH facility.  The endowments also provide donors with an opportunity to support the CBH mission well into the future and give credibility and strength to the CBH mission and vision.  For more information, please contact our executive director at 302-655-4288 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Founder's Circle of the Legacy for the Children Society

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Matthew S. & Martha S. Brennesholtz
  • Leland and Jeanne Burton
  • Ellison M. Carey
  • Sara Chase Carlson
  • John S. Cigler
  • Martin and Eileen Clark
  • Richard L. Dayton
  • Dick and Lonnie Dobbs
  • Lynne and Sage Dorsey
  • Bob & Lynn Edgell
  • Bobby and Linda Fischer
  • Lexi and Elise Gahagan
  • William and Katharine Gahagan
  • Richard and Martha Garrett
  • Dr. Larry and Christina Giordano
  • Mary P. Helms
  • Geraldine Ingram
  • Jane Larson
  • Dave and Nancy Marvin
  • Patrick M. McCoy
  • Gwynne G. McDevitt
  • Ronald G. Minnick
  • Chad and Elyse Moore
  • Mr. John Newton and Mr. Mowry Spencer
  • Joseph and Bernadette Polinski
  • Eleanor A. Poorman
  • Caroline du P. Prickett
  • Jon A. and Emilee M. Reynolds
  • Randall and Peggy Rollins
  • Henry and Joan Rust
  • Joe and Debbie Schell
  • Jeffrey Stroble and Lea Purcell
  • J. Thomas Sturgis
  • Martha & Jay Tschantz
  • Jo Wood


For more information, please contact us today.