Please consider joining the Beacon Society to help provide a lasting impact for children, families, and communities.

The Beacon Society is comprised of donors who make an annual commitment of $1,000 to directly support CBH programs. These gifts, which are not connected to event sponsorships or restricted to any particular purpose or program, give the board of CBH the flexibility to direct those funds to whatever need or purpose is most pressing.  Members of the Beacon Society’s Founders’ Circle pledge gifts of $10,000 per year.  We are deeply grateful to the Beacon Society for its generosity and commitment to CBH.

In addition to knowing they are providing key support for the children and youth in our programs, Beacon Society members are offered two complimentary tickets to either the Beach BBQ in August or the Winter Wonder event in December. They also receive invitations to special events and regular updates from the Executive Director.

Founders’ Circle

Mike & Sherry Hogan

Chad & Elyse Moore

Michael Paese & Blake Kimbrough

Thomas Sheridan & Vincent Walsh

Trudie Thompson and the Mildred and Ray Thompson Fund

Beacon Society

Tjark and Ann Bateman

Scott Bradley

Daniel Bucci

Samuel and Mariah Calagione

Ellison Carey

Richard and Lynne Carpenter

Susan A. Cassidy

William and Ann Clair

Martin and Eileen Clark

Scott and Kim Connell

Jim and Mary Culley

Michael and Susan Damiano

Channing Daniel and Bill Gluth


Timothy Dillingham and Donald Corin

Clifford Diver and Kathryn Byrne

Jonathan and Nancy Ellsworth

Steven Elmendorf

Alexandra Ergon

Jim and Karen Falk

Joseph Filipek and Larry Richardson

Robert and Linda Fischer

William Flanagan

Richard Garrett and Miguel Deleon

Henry and Susan Gomez

Barry Goodinson

James Harden and Richard Gottwald

Rodney Sharp and Lynne Herrick

Rex and Haley Holstein

Lucinda Issel

Thomas Jamison and Don Wainwright

Sallie Jones

Ken and Debbie Karpinski

Roger Kramer

Robert Land

Ann Lingo

John and Carol Lingo

William and Janice Lingo

Patricia Burton Loew

Gail McDermott

Tom and Jamie McDonald

Joseph and Carol McGrath

Susan Moore McJunkin

Neil and Ellen Meltzer

Brian and Kathi Mengel

Robert and Beverley Myers

Brenda Mitchell

Anthony Orman

Jay Raksin

Barry Redmond and Janet Reeves

Dr. and Mrs. Anis Saliba

John and Michele Schultz

Shae Searl

Joseph and Judy Setting

Daniel Smith and Lorraine Voles

John and Sharon Stanton

Peter and Kathy Stoehr

Dave and Becca Svec

Virginia Terzano

John Thurman and Joseph Wendolowski

John and Patrice Tosi

George and Alina Tudor – Rehoboth Massage & Alignment

Shaun and Erica Tull